With this page, we would like to provide all relevant information about the Bujinkan Trainingslager 2014 in English. However, in case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us via:


General information


4 days – 3 teachers – 1 theme

In general, training camps can very well be considered as symbol for good preparation and improvement in any kind of “training”. So why not also in the Bujinkan?
At most of the usual seminars, you don’t know what to expect in advance – a training camp is different: you normally go there because you know what you receive.
Three top-class Bujinkan teachers – all known for their comprehensive and detailed knowledge – will follow one common theme, which will be the recurrent thread throughout the event. In addition to that, all lessons build on each other and adjust to the knowledge and skill of the participants.
What to expect:

  • Coordinated and structured classes with the teachers
  • Collective training of the essential Bujinkan basics
  • Training in groups with participants of similar experience and skill
  • Outdoor training
  • Provisions and accommodation
  • Three evenings at the camp fire
  • And last but not least: no distraction, as there is nothing else around the area!


Jugenherberge Lochen
Auf der Lochen 1
72336 Lochen/Balingen



Training will follow the same basic structure on all four days:
1. Common warm-up
2. Three classes split in different groups
3. Common “end-of-the-day class”
In principle, all classes are held outside – so please take your necessary arrangements! Only in case of extremely bad weather conditions, we will train inside.


At the beginning of the camp, the participants will be distributed to different groups. Each group will attend minimum one class per day with each teacher. The theme for all of the groups will be identical, however, the level of teaching will adjust to the individual level of skill of the groups.

The distribution of the participants will be very flexible and on a quite individual basis. The participants will have the choice between two groups, so a certain level of realistic self-assessment is necessary.

Group I: Mukyu – Shodan or up to 6 years of training

For this group, the essential basic movements will be in the focus of the classes. The main aim will be to train the kihon in an exact and correct manner in order to be able to close individual gaps. In addition to that, the group members will have plenty of time to ask questions. Training will adjust to the individual need of the participants.

Group II: 2. Kyu – Yondan or 4- 10 years of training

Also for this group, the basics will be in the focus. However, they will be training on a broader perspective in order to be able to see and experience the interdependencies between the waza. Nagare/the flow and a good understanding of the concurrence of distance, timing, balance and rhythm will be the main aim of training in this group. The teachings will be more intense and complex as in group I.

Gruppe III: Sandan – Judan or more than 8 years of training

Training in this group aims at those participants, which already have some experience in teaching students or have been training for a very long time (or both). Also in this group, gaps should be closed and “bad habbits” should be identified in order to be able to further improve and progress. The classes will be much more intense compared to the other to groups and the expectations towards the participants will be significantly higher.



  • In order to enrol, please ONLY use our registration form below! It is an editable PDF document which can easily be filled in before printing. This would increase readability (compared to hand-writing) and make the overall administration easier for us.
  • Please send group registrations in one batch/envelope! Each participant has to fill in a registration form.
  • Important: Please take note of the details on page 2 of the registration form!